Sunday, 8 March 2009

Its my life

Children were watching Hum aapke hain kaun with great interest today. It made me think about all the various so called middle class values, like living in big joint families, dressing, smiling and working while worrying about everybody's needs, thinking as a group, working with consensus, crushing your own individual likes , dislikes, joys, ..etc etc.

Today, we young shining Indians are a selfish lot. We are learning rapidly from the west all the things like pub culture, job hopping, living in sin etc etc in the name of "Its my life!"

Little do we realize, that the erosion of all these traditional values has destroyed communities and collapsed businesses in the west and that age old values of honesty, integrity and loyalty or namak halali was, is and always will be, the way to go.

It will be too late, when we realize that the power point presenting gadget flashing global MBA culture of looking after your own bonus while the company goes bankrupt, is not the way forward.

The other news which really made me despair, was the misuse of science and progress to bring into this world eight little babies at one time, who I wonder whether I should still say are blessings of God, or were they a result of a woman's indulgence and a doctor's unethical practice? Only in today's world can one achieve 14 children without a dad. Is that really progress? Should humans be trusted with making babies and now making designer babies?

The good news this season, not without its share of controversies, was Rahman and Pookutty's Oscars. After my blog on slum dog millionare threatened marital harmony, the oscars united us, both huge fans of Rahman.

Lets celebrate the fact that two most deserving people, from India received international recognition and have heralded an era where the famous Bollywood song and dance routine is being enjoyed by the whole world, which used to look condescendingly while we swayed and mouthed all the numbers, new and old.

It hasn't happened overnight, mind you, one of our friends who visited us while he was doing a fellowship in Germany told us how Germans love "Darde Disco.." and how it seems to be playing everywhere where he lived in the new anthem I am sure is..Jai Ho!


Vandana said...

It's the choices we make we need to feel responsible for.
This one awareness will make our duniya a haseen one..

Poonam said...

Yes, you are right Nilanjana. In fact, it has already happened. Yesterday, serendipitously, I stumbled upon jai ho on my iPod (last updated by my daughter, Apoorva). This is a remix music video with Pussycat dolls!!

nice posts, blog more often.