Thursday, 20 May 2010

India- a land of many problems and many more solutions

Honestly, one doesnt just marvel at the weaving, chaotic traffic in India, one actually starts to believe in a superior force, God maybe or maybe just positive energy...which must have a hand in running this part of the world.

Life has a breathless pace, as money is snatched out of your hands to let you out of the barriers at toll bridges and parking spaces. Nobody waits, nobody follows any rules (not in Greater Noida) and if you do, you become dangerous and a liability for the variety of traffic on the road.

I have been mouthing a "thank you" to the poor security guys of my building, who get up and open the gates every time I leave or enter the building campus. A tiny gesture like that of making eye contact and smiling, brings forth odd reponses. The perplexed frown which met my gaze initially, has slowly grown into a smile or a raise of hand in greeting, which is nice.

But taking a break in India is indeed- great! I would recommend it to everybody. Take a break- take a chill pill- its good for your body and for your soul.

One faces many problems, but one also finds unique solutions and obviously, when you look around, your problems seem miniscule compared to the man on the street's problems or even the government's or the system's....

Everbody is aware of the lack of urban space and infrastructure and one would think parking would be such a problem in city centres. But in reality there is always, at all times of the day and night, somebody to guide you to the available space, even park your car in a tight squeeze, if you are not a skilled driver and help you get out, by stopping the traffic for you, amidst lights, bleating horns, cycles and pedestrians- All for a paltry sum of 10-20 rupees.

Similarly, I was worried about facilities for children for swimming, tennis etc. I need not have worried, sports complexes are coming up and are being fully utilized. So you can get daily swimming, tennis, basket ball lessons ....That brings forth different problems with Indian parents and commercial institutions. The tennis coach was complaining the other day- Kids who cant feed themselves are being sent to us to learn tennis! Truly, you can see pretty 3-4 year olds with skirts, shoes and wonderfully light tennis rackets, all Sania Mirzas in the making.

Watching recorded television programs and movies on demand, on digital TV, shopping in Air conditioned malls with empty multiplexes and crowded food courts, watching the skyline with the Delhi Metro, going on long drives with Miaow FM radio on expressways and flyways, paying bills in drop boxes, getting everything and everybody from servicing of chimneys to changing flat tyres by making a call, listening to Bollywood caller tunes....Delhi or may be NCR is a very different experience, as compared to a few years ago!